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10 Frequently Asked Questions for Video Game Recruiters 

Using a video-game recruiter is somewhat of a mystery to many seeking employment in the video-game industry. To help shed light on the process, here are ten commonly asked questions of video-game recruiters: 


What is a video-game recruiter?

 Recruiters are professionals that work to fill vacant positions for gaming companies. Video game recruiters screen job seekers to determine if the candidate and the company are a good fit for each other. Recruiters work with candidates to help them strengthen and polish their resumes and hone their job-interview skills. However, it’s important to realize not all recruiters are the same, and it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the type of recruiter you will be working with so you will know what questions to ask.

 Recruiters are commonly categorized as ‘internal’ or ‘external.’ Internal recruiters are employees of the hiring company; whereas, external recruiters work for a recruiting agency that support the hiring company. Some companies will have recruiters on their staff to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications, which helps speed up the hiring process. However, these internal recruiters only focus on filling jobs that their employer company has available and do not look for positions for candidates outside of their own company. External recruiters operate independently for staffing firms or recruitment agencies. Many video game companies outsource their recruitment needs to external recruiters filling multiple business openings.

video game recruiters

What kind of information can a video game recruitment agency provide about an employer?

 Job descriptions rarely paint a clear picture of the job duties and responsibilities, company culture and business model for potential candidates. These are all important considerations, as even a seemingly “dream” job can be an unfortunate mistake if the job prospect does not mesh with the company’s culture and vision. A good recruiter will provide a wealth of information about the company and how a job candidate will fit in. 

 External recruiters are advocates for the companies they support and can answer questions about the company’s protocols, values, mission, work environment and anything else that may impact how well a candidate will fit in. Additionally, video game recruiters will know the short- and long-term potential of remote video game jobs, opportunities for advancement, turnover ratios and salary structure. 


 What is the best way to land a job in the cryptocurrency market?

 The first step in securing a job in the cryptocurrency sector is performing research to determine what type(s) of positions you are both interested in and qualified for. Research can be performed by searching job listings on online job boards to determine the qualification requirements and the salary range for various positions. Some of the more common positions in cryptocurrency include full-stack engineer, Unity developer, data analyst, product manager, marketing, and community manager. Video game recruiters will also know other positions that may not be listed on job boards. 

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Is blockchain technology a viable career opportunity?

 The initial use case for Blockchain technology was mainly in the financial and medical industries; however, there has been rapid adoption of Blockchain technology in the game industry. From 2019 to 2020, the demand for jobs in blockchain technology grew over 30 times! With more and more blockchain jobs in video gaming being added and many positions becoming remote, blockchain should continue to dominate the tech-job market for the foreseeable future. 


What are the best career opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector?

 While there are a wide variety of career choices in the cryptocurrency industry, some positions are seeing more demand than others. Additionally, because of the high demand, many of the best jobs in crypto are being offered as remote positions. Here are seven of the most in-demand position in the crypto sector: 

  • Blockchain engineer. 
  • Business development manager.
  • Unity Developer
  • Data scientists.
  • Full-stack Engineer
  • Marketing and media manager.
  • UI/UX Designer

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What benefits will I receive from enlisting the services of a video game recruiter?

 Working with an external video game recruiter means you will have a team of highly skilled and experienced recruiting professionals working to help you find video game jobs and look out for your best interests. The job of the recruiting agency is to pair the right candidate to the right position in the right company so the match will be a good fit for all concerned parties. A recruiting agency will be diligent in ensuring you have the needed qualifications for a given position to prevent wasting your time chasing an opportunity you wouldn’t be a fit for and disappointed at not securing the position. Additional benefits include: 

  • Career consultation.
  • Removing the guesswork and uncertainty can sometimes make a job search intimidating and confusing.
  • Access to job openings that are not posted publicly or available to candidates on the open market.
  • Provide valuable insight into each job opportunity and how a company may match your personal career goals. 
  • Help with interview scheduling and preparation.
  • Salary negotiation.


Will a video game recruiter provide me with a competitive advantage in my gaming industry job search?

 The short answer is a resounding “yes!” The long answer is that a video game recruiting agency will give you increased access to positions and insights into career opportunities that will fit you. External video game recruiters provide candidates with a competitive advantage in a highly competitive job market. Recruiters work to build long-term relationships with their clients to help eliminate the uncertainty that makes job hunting frustrating and disheartening. 

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How much gaming industry experience is required to receive value from using a recruiter?

 Most candidates that have the best opportunity to leverage the services of a video-game recruiter generally have from two to three years of professional gaming industry experience. However, there are always exceptions, and people aspiring to enter the gaming industry should consult with a recruiter. 

How many companies can a candidate expect a video game recruiter to be actively working with?

 This will vary based on the recruiting agency. However, the more successful agencies will typically work with dozens of businesses across the country. Recruiters often have hundreds of job opportunities with both well-established studios and startups.

How much does a video-game recruiter charge to represent a job seeker?

 One of the best things about using a reputable recruiter is there is no charge to job candidates and all of the recruiter’s fees are paid by the hiring company.