DAM helps game development studios build better teams and make better games by providing access and influence to the right candidates.  We understand how difficult it is to engage qualified games industry talent – job boards yield limited results, building internal recruiting teams is a sunk cost requiring a lot of time and money to ramp, and the professional networks of your existing employees are tapped out.

By leveraging games industry relationships that have been cultivated for over two decades, DAM proactively targets and engages candidates with the creative and technical expertise you need and filters out those that don’t.

  • Stop overburdening your existing team
  • Stop jeopardizing development milestones
  • Stop losing the developers you want to your competitors
  • Stop your game from suffering

Ease the load on your team and maximize the potential of your game by unleashing the games recruiting expertise of DAM to start filling your recruiting pipeline with qualified candidates.   Schedule a meeting with a DAM Account Manager today to learn more.

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