For over two decades, DAM has been fortunate enough to build long-lasting relationships with incredibly talented creative and technical people throughout the games industry.  Whether we’re shepherding someone through their career or helping a studio scale for a newly greenlit game, here is a small sampling of testimonials from clients and candidates that put their trust in DAM!

Building Better Teams That Make Better Games


“I’ve worked with DAM and its recruiters for as long as I can remember. Over more than a decade of work together, they have provided me with access to some of the best people in our industry. It’s safe to say that without them, CSE would not have so many of the talented people that are currently part of our studio. There are a number of things that have set them apart from other recruiters over the years, including:

1) Access to top tier talent – Not all of the candidates they have put before us have been hired but it’s been very rare for them to put forward unqualified people.

2) Easy to work with – Working with any outside company can have its ups and downs. When that does happen, they have been very easy to work with to solve those problems.

3) They listen to you – When you tell them what you are looking for, they will actually listen to you and try as best as they can to make sure that the candidates that they put forward are what you are looking for in a team member

4) They are just nice folks – Enough said there right?
The TI;dr is that working with DAM has been a pleasure and if we hadn’t had their help over the years we would have lost the opportunity to get some very talented and important members of our team.

Marc Jacobs, CEO, City State Entertainment

DAM is my favorite of the many, many games recruiting firms I’ve worked with over the years. They are Pros, straight shooters, and have lined me up with some of the best people I’ve worked with in the past decade. DAM has absolutely earned their status as my first call when I need help filling a tricky position.

Demetri Detsaridis, Executive Producer/Founder, MSG Ventures, Zynga, Experiment 7

DAM is hands-down the best contingency recruiting firm I’ve worked with. Unlike many (most?) recruiters, who waste my time with candidates who clearly aren’t a fit for us, DAM takes the time to find out what candidates want and what their motivations are before they present the candidate. The result is an efficient process in which everyone’s time is respected and only the most relevant candidates are delivered.

Matt, CEO

DAM helped us find the several digital artists for the 6-hour mini-series “The Triangle” that we co-produced and VFX supervised. The result speaks for itself: We tackled 800 shots in two months of post with a team of 25 artists. The result was awarded with an “Emmy” – and several of the artists who we had hired through Digital Artist Management received the statue. In March of 2008, when my business partner Marc Weigert and I started working as Co-Producers and VFX Supervisors on Roland Emmerich’s new $200 million VFX-extravaganza “2012”, DAM was the first company we called to assemble a great in-house team of artists.

Volker, CEO

Over the past several years, DAM has been able to consistently provide my company with high-quality job candidates. Unlike many other recruiters that we have dealt with, DAM only recommended candidates that were a clear match to our job descriptions and as a result, we hired and/or contracted numerous candidates that were referred to us. Even further, if I ever find myself looking for employment in the interactive entertainment industry, I will without a doubt talk to DAM about it.

Steve, President

I wanted to thank you very much for being very helpful during the whole interview process. You have been far and wide the most engaged and responsive recruiting agency I have worked with. 😁 Truly Thank You from the bottom of my heart. DAM get’s an A++ in my book!

Chris L., QA Manager


DAM was very responsive and quick at identifying opportunities that matched my career search criteria. They are a pleasure to work with and the team has high integrity and character.

Mark, Creative Director

I just want to thank everyone at DAM. It’s been an amazing experience working with you, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. You guys were able to match me up so well with opportunities that I really felt like I had an embarrassment of riches – which was, frankly, a huge boost to me with as difficult as things have been for me recently. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Robert, Senior Software Engineer

I’m only giving credit where credit is due. Sometimes I feel like there are more recruiting companies than there are companies to work for and most of them l don’t feel comfortable working with. Often it’s too obvious that they only care about moving you from A to B, no matter how bad the fit is. Working with DAM has always felt more personal and that makes all the difference. Nevertheless, I still wish the business model were more along the lines of talent agents.

Gunter, Senior Engineer

My relationship with DAM started in 2000 and continued until my retirement in 2021.  I used DAM for multiple job searches over the years because their recruiting team consistently presented relevant and compelling games industry jobs that properly matched my skillset and the types of studios I was looking for.  DAM’s integrity, transparency and guidance throughout the interview process is what kept me coming back search after search for over 2 decades.

David G., Sr. Software Engineer

Unlike a lot of unprofessional recruiters, DAM does not act on your behalf without your permission. They do not talk you up and waste everyone’s time trying to get you interviews at jobs that don’t match your skill set or desires. Each time I’ve deal with DAM they have been excellent.

And once you do give the go ahead for DAM to search for you, it’s as if you’ve hired an army of people to scour the industry for you. They seem to have excellent internal communications with each other, and I have yet to experience the uncaring greed that seems typical of other recruiting companies.

On top of that, I hung out with them once at a gamedev mixer and they were just as cool in person.

Kurt, Mobile Engineer

It is always is a pleasure to consult with/do business with DAM. Their ability to manage multiple projects, simultaneously, without allowing any detail to slip by (unnoticed), is as impressive as it is comprehensive. I commend DAM’s commitment to their candidates and clients alike; as such, I wholeheartedly recommend them with the highest degree of enthusiasm to any/all prospective employers, clients, and/or business partners.

Scott, Sr. Network Engineer

I love it here. The people are awesome and the culture is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

Jessica, Technical PM

DAM masterfully negotiated my sla. I would no doubt have a lower position and a lower salary if it wasn’t for their expertise. For this I am eternally grateful!

Oleg, Rigging Supervisor

I was really excited when DAM first contacted me with the job and I couldn’t be happier that it worked out! Thank you all so much for connecting us.

Walker, Technical Director

Your team has been great…  honestly the most competent technical recruiters I’ve ever dealt with, [who] actually understand what I do. That’s so rare, keep up the great work!

Chris P., Senior Programmer

DAM has been a great help to me providing me with a level of service I was not expecting which has been working out great! I was looking for a remote position in games… DAM found it for me and then they took over all the details on the business side of turning my goal of being a remote software engineer into a reality.

David, Lead Software Engineer

DAM did an amazing job finding me a position quickly, and with the greatest of comfort on my end. I was delighted to hear from them knowing that when they called, they were ready with the information and skills that only the most dedicated people in his field attain which allowed me to make informative and correct decisions for my career.

Jairo, Level Designer