For over two decades, DAM has been fortunate enough to build long-lasting relationships with incredibly talented creative and technical people throughout the games industry.  Whether we’re shepherding someone through their career or helping a studio scale for a newly greenlit game, here is a small sampling of testimonials from clients and candidates that put their trust in DAM!

Building Better Teams That Make Better Games


“I’ve worked with DAM and its recruiters for as long as I can remember. Over more than a decade of work together, they have provided me with access to some of the best people in our industry. It’s safe to say that without them, CSE would not have so many of the talented people that are currently part of our studio. There are a number of things that have set them apart from other recruiters over the years, including:

1) Access to top tier talent – Not all of the candidates they have put before us have been hired but it’s been very rare for them to put forward unqualified people.

2) Easy to work with – Working with any outside company can have its ups and downs. When that does happen, they have been very easy to work with to solve those problems.

3) They listen to you – When you tell them what you are looking for, they will actually listen to you and try as best as they can to make sure that the candidates that they put forward are what you are looking for in a team member

4) They are just nice folks – Enough said there right?
The TI;dr is that working with DAM has been a pleasure and if we hadn’t had their help over the years we would have lost the opportunity to get some very talented and important members of our team.

Marc Jacobs, CEO, City State Entertainment

DAM is my favorite of the many, many games recruiting firms I’ve worked with over the years. They are Pros, straight shooters, and have lined me up with some of the best people I’ve worked with in the past decade. DAM has absolutely earned their status as my first call when I need help filling a tricky position.

Demetri Detsaridis, Executive Producer/Founder, MSG Ventures, Zynga, Experiment 7