Justin Stark, general manager at Digital Artist Management (DAM), has launched the 5×5 Job Update—a new bi-weekly video series that announces new job openings in the games industry. 

At any given time, DAM focuses on approximately 150 programming jobs and other video gaming positions throughout the United States and Canada. These clients who work with DAM offer a wide range of job positions, both in the remote work setting and onsite in various cities across the country. Recruiting efforts are focused on five core disciplines in the games industry, which include:

  1. Software engineering
  2. Art and animation
  3. Game and level design
  4. Production
  5. Product management


Games industry professionals who have at least four years of games industry experience and have held at least one shipped title can still contact DAM to find out about other current or future job openings. Game development studios are also encouraged to contact DAM if they are actively seeking candidates to fill positions within these disciplines. 


Software Engineering: Senior UE4 Gameplay Generalist Engineer

A senior UE4 gameplay generalist engineer that will have the opportunity to work with an industry luminary on a new Original IP in the Emergent Gameplay/Immersive Sims game genre. The chosen person for this position will be doing mostly prototyping work to start and progress into a leadership role as more people are recruited to work on this revolutionary game. Five or six additional positions are open throughout the U.S. with mid-senior level UE4 gameplay programming experience, so we encourage you to inquire.


Art & Animation: 3D Environment Artist

 A mid-to senior-level 3D environment artist role for a sci-fi action game built on Unity is open to qualified candidates. Excellent hard surface modeling skills is the critical component of this role. This game developer was founded nine years ago and already has two profitable franchises. The candidate who is offered the position will be working on a third franchise that is being developed. 

There are two to three other similar positions currently open through DAM with PC/Console developers. One of which involves working for a medieval slasher-themed game, while the other is for an off-road racing game. Other on-site and remote positions are available in key games industry hubs.


Game and Level Design: Game Director 

Experienced professionals looking for game design jobs are encouraged to apply for an on-site Game Director role in Austin, TX. The company is a six-year-old VR game developer looking to diversify and expand into more core VR game projects and non-VR console projects. The Game Director will be working closely with the chief creative officer and will essentially be in the second-highest position in the company. Responsibilities of the job include working internally with company team members and being a solid cross-disciplinary liaison while tending to external tasks, such as dealing with publishers and being the face person with marketing. The Game Director will act as the spiritual and creative lead and stakeholder at the studio.


Production: Internal Producer 

Various mid-and senior-level internal producer roles are open in the production sector. Three openings are available in the free-to-play mobile market, and there is one opening in the PC console market. Two positions are based in Los Angeles, CA, while another is based on the East Coast. Job Seekers in the production field can also contact DAM to inquire about any remote positions that may be open.


Product Management: Senior Product Manager 

 A new senior PM role for a 20-year-old multi-platform developer is open in Los Angeles, CA. The ideal candidate will have solid experience as a free-to-play product manager. Any PM professional who is a strong data analyst with data-driven design experience should do well in this position. This person will also be responsible for managing the KPIs and setting the roadmap for the product. The candidate chosen for the position will have the chance to work in an exciting environment that has undergone some recent changes to suit the current market. Opportunities for advancement in this position are also available.


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