T.J. Summers, president and founder of DAM Agency, answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding remote gaming jobs and what video gaming recruitment companies are hiring for as we ease out of the pandemic. 


Will Companies Return to In-Studio Operations Following Restrictions? 

 The answer is that it depends on the company. Generally, most companies prefer an onsite environment that allows for closer collaboration and teamwork. A lot of “magic” goes into developing games, so companies naturally think, why not capture that magic in person? Those groups will likely return to an in-person environment as soon as possible. 

 However, other groups have thrived in a covert environment and found a way to recreate game development magic in a remote work environment. This is most common among start-ups and smaller companies. Companies that have started up in the past 12 months have been able to open up the proper communication channels while working remotely. For many, starting with a remote work environment in the past year has been all they know. 


What Will The Work Environment Look like Post Pandemic?

 To ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the work environment, video game recruiters and candidates should have an open discussion during job interviews about expectations and a longer-term policy for returning to work when normal conditions resume. 

 Candidates should be aware that many companies will either be returning to an in-person work environment or operating remotely, most likely, in perpetuity. Before committing to a job, therefore, candidates should ask their future employer what they plan for their work environment to make sure it’s a good fit on both ends. Additionally, the employer should also be transparent about the company’s intent to either retain a remote work policy or return to the office. That way, there are no discrepancies or communication issues when the company returns to what it considers to be a normal and permanent operation. 


Are Companies Working in a Studio at a Competitive Disadvantage? 

 To a certain extent, companies that decide to work in a studio environment will be at a degree of disadvantage when they resume regular operations working entirely in-house. The reason behind that is that we are now competing in a global environment. Companies are also working with a global workforce. Companies traditionally hired candidates who were within a short range of the studio, usually about 50 miles or less. They had to control that population to the best of their ability or find a way to recruit talent into their geographical area. Both options were fairly limiting and made it harder for companies to grow and scale their businesses. Companies that are receptive to the thought of hiring workers for remote gaming jobs can now tap into a larger and more diverse talent pool. They can attract and source employees more quickly who have the skill sets and capabilities that they are looking for rather than limiting their selection to potentially less qualified candidates based on geographical limitations. The most critical component of hiring today is ensuring that you’ve found the right person. So from a long-term perspective and a strategic standpoint, we always encourage flexibility or to figure out a schedule that works with candidates, whether it’s on a case-by-case or project-by-project basis, to deepen your company’s prospective talent pool. 


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