T.J. Summers, President & Founder of DAM Agency, answers some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding DAM client and candidate services. 

Where does DAM add value to the games industry?

The answer is simple: advocacy in video game recruitment. We provide job seekers with the tools, resources, and information surrounding both the hard and soft skills surrounding a specific position. We also advocate on behalf of the applicant to ensure the job position is a good fit for both the applicant and the company, as well as ensure and negotiating fair compensation for every position.

At DAM, it’s all about streamlining and ensuring the process is as easy and efficient. The demand for talent has increased exponentially in the last six months, and it’s our job to understand the job market as video game recruiters & hiring managers.

On the client side, we ensure open communication about data research, current market rates, and understand current remote gaming job trends.


Why isn’t every position public domain at DAM recruitment firm?

At DAM, there are a variety of reasons behind why positions are not public domain.

  1. Many times, especially if a firm is growing, a business may not have built-out HR infrastructure to market its positions. This is where video game recruiting companies step in to serve and assist as advocates for that company.
  2. Some positions are marked as private or cannot be disclosed to help protect the privacy of projects and their development. In that case, DAM works as a safe and effective middleman to safely hire for these protected positions in the video game industry.

Who is DAM | Video Game Recruiters 

Since 2000, DAM has been advancing the careers and improving the lives of games industry professionals. As a top recruiting firm for gamers, DAM partners with numerous top gaming companies to place qualified candidates into job roles within the industry. DAM works with clients and candidates in the following industries

  •  Remote video game jobs
  •  Game programmer jobs
  •  AI programming jobs
  •  3D animator jobs
  •  Art director jobs
  •  ue4 recruiting
  • Interactive digital jobs
  •  Game designer jobs
  •  and more

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