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Being an artist is one of the most exciting roles in the gaming industry simply because it offers so many challenging opportunities for those who are both talented and driven to succeed. However, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive, resulting in fewer jobs for junior-level positions. This means that those seeking to land a coveted position with a high-profile company must find ways to stand out from the rest of the gaming herd.

 Employment history, projects, education and a polished resume are all critical. However, it is imperative for gaming job candidates to know how to market themselves to potential employers to land the most coveted video game jobs. Simon Mann, senior designer at Creative Assembly, says job candidates need to think like a designer to create a strong portfolio that will get them noticed. Many job seekers have a problem: they are not sure how to create an attention-getting game-design portfolio.

 As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is much more powerful to have an easy and effective way of showcasing your skills to potential employees than to try to explain your qualifications with just words. A well-designed, fast, sleek portfolio using images, video and short clips will separate you from others seeking the highly sought-after jobs in the games industry. 

video game jobs

 Building a Portfolio

 Video game recruiters recommend the best way to display a portfolio is on a website such as Artstation, Carbonmade, or one that is hosted personally by the artist. Long gone are the days when it costs thousands of dollars to build a website. There are now tools that allow you to build a website yourself in a couple of hours. The site should be clean, easy to navigate and load quickly. 

 A clean website is a sign of an organized mind and will convey your abilities clearly to recruiters. Below is a basic seven-step outline of how to set up an artist portfolio with some tried-and-true methods to get your skills noticed and taken seriously by potential employers: 


 1) Keep the Navigation Simple

Video game recruiters and hiring managers evaluate hundreds of portfolios on a daily basis.  With that in mind, don’t bury your best work in a complicated menu or use carousels, slideshows or other types of display methods that make it cumbersome to view your work. Make your best work the ‘star’ of your portfolio. You will be better served displaying just a few samples of your best work as opposed to unleashing an entire arsenal of outdated samples.

video game jobs

 2) Showcase Successful Projects

 Your best artwork from released games should be the focal point of the portfolio. Make sure the samples are in a prominent place, front and center on the first page of the site. Then make a separate page for each of the other projects and name the page with the title of each project.


 3) Videos

 The best way to show off your proudest achievements is with a demo video of shipped games you have been a part of. Videos capture the elements of mood, audio cues, and various other nuances that won’t come across through other mediums. To avoid misplacing or losing a video on a computer, post the video on Youtube or back it up somewhere safe.

video game jobs

 4) External Links

 There are many ways to display, distribute and promote your games on the web. Video game recruiters say that creating a personalized link to highlight your relevant work is a great way to impress a hiring manager. If a game was published, add a link to the store page. If you don’t have something published, you can self-publish a game of your own on sites like or for non-digital projects. Both sites make it extremely easy to upload your work and display it for all to see. 


 5) Resume

 Including a resume on your website will help you gain more visibility from hiring managers and recruiters. A one page, CV-style resume highlighting your significant accomplishments is the best approach. If you are looking for remote work, including experience in remote gaming jobs. Make a concerted effort to update a complete and comprehensive resume at least once every 3 months. This version should include a complete list of projects, accomplishments and job responsibilities. You never know when opportunity will knock and you want to be prepared when your day comes.

 Summary | DAM Video Game Recruiters 

 As Ernest Hemingway said, the first draft of anything is garbage, so you will want to look over your finished portfolio with a critical eye. Don’t be afraid to ask your game industry colleagues for input and suggestions. This will allow you to see your portfolio with fresh eyes and catch mistakes that you otherwise wouldn’t. Be sure everything looks good, all the links are working and you will then be ready to go looking for those highly coveted jobs in video gaming.