The Value of Partnering with A Gaming & Technology Recruiting Firm

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The Value of Partnering with A Gaming & Technology Recruiting Firm

Finding qualified candidates has become increasingly more challenging in the video game and core technology realms. Without a broad personal talent network, the chances of building your dream team without the assistance of a specialized recruiting firm become remote. Recruiting firms provide convenience and peace of mind into the hiring process by quickly identifying and engaging top talent. In addition to saving your company time, money, and energy, partnering with external recruiters also gives you a few of the following strategic advantages.


Deep Talent Network

Having a pool of top-notch prospects to choose from guarantees finding a good fit for your open position. Fortunately, recruiting firms have expansive, established talent networks at their disposal, allowing for quick communications with active and inactive prospects alike. This targeted and proactive approach ensures that your job opportunities are getting in front of the right eyeballs, not simply those that happen past an online job listing. And by the end of the search, you’ll feel confident in your final hiring decision having had multiple options to evaluate.


Frees Up Your Time

Whether your position calls for a 3D Artist or a Software Engineer, a good recruiting firm will put a ton of time back on your calendar. Sourcing, engaging and filtering talent includes some of the heavy lifting that transpires before the polished candidate ever reaches the hiring manager’s inbox.  This is a significant time-suck for someone that’s more valuable leading the team, writing code or creating art assets.  The best recruiting firms will operate as extensions of your company and persuasive ambassadors of your brand as they engage with prospects, filter those out that fall short of key criteria and sell your opportunity with as much passion as you would for those that qualify.



Knowledgeable Advisors

Effective Recruiting Firms should be able to provide you with sound, industry-relevant intelligence on how stay competitive. In other words, they should be able to assume the role of your Talent Acquisition Advisor and be willing to and be relentless in engaging the best talent for your studio by leveraging their vast industry experience and talent networks, they can ensure the candidates they deliver are aligned with your company’s core values and culture in addition to the creative or technical expertise required for the job at hand.

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DAM Agency is one of the largest recruitment firms for jobs in video gaming. If you need assistance hiring talent in the gaming and technology industry, contact us here.

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