Alex Caldwell, recruiter and account manager with Digital Artist Management (DAM), shares her advice on searching for jobs in the video game industry. Alex will be sharing even more tips on her new LinkedIn series to help job seekers in the gaming industry improve their chances of getting hired for positions while avoiding inevitable mistakes that could hinder their efforts. Her first video is part of a three-video series that discusses tips for resume creation. 


Job Search Tip #1: Resume Building

Specificity is key when writing a resume. For example, if an applicant has gameplay programming experience, simply stating this on a resume won’t be specific enough to improve the chances of getting hired. The language in which these gameplay features were coded should be explained on the resume to show knowledge of the features. Whether you were coding in C++ for UE4 or C# for Unity3D, , this should be articulated in detail within the bullet points of the resume.. Simply listing UE4 experience in the skills section at the top of the resume won’t be enough to impress the recruiter, and assumptions of a jobseeker’s skill level can’t be made if the skills information is too vague.


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