video game recruiters

A video game recruiter works to connect video game studios with highly qualified job seekers. Recruiters possess knowledge specific to the gaming industry and understand what gaming studios and job seekers need to be productive employees. Recruiters pre-screen candidates, such as engineers, artists/animators, game designers, product managers and producer candidates, to ensure they have the experience/qualifications studios require. Video game recruitment agencies have relationships with talent to help fill positions quickly. Whether a studio needs to replace an employee who has been promoted or leaving the company, a recruitment agency will be able to quickly engage with potential candidates who are prescreened and well-qualified prospects. This translates into the studio hiring the best available candidate quickly and job seekers finding a position well-suited to their experience, expertise and aspirations. 

video game recruiters

 Video Game Recruiters for Clients

 Recruitment agencies perform all the heavy lifting to engage and screen prospective candidates to ensure only the most skilled, talented and creative professionals make it to your interview table. Video game recruitment agencies allow their clients to create better games by facilitating the entire interview process. While open job postings can yield a lot of responses, employers are left with the often-times arduous task of sorting through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of potential applicants. 

 Video game recruiting companies leverage professional gaming industry contacts and relationships cultivated over the years to proactively target and engage the right candidates. Recruiters’ involvement in the interview process reduces the burden on a company’s staff. Building a skilled and efficient internal video game recruiting team takes time and money. Growing companies that need to hire quickly are challenged to match the efficiency and competencies of established video game recruiters. 

 Clients with substantial hiring needs working under strict requirements and tight timetables are best served enlisting the services of a video game recruiter. For example, competition for C-level executives between competing companies can be extreme. Video game recruiting companies provide exclusive access to a prequalified list of the industry’s top game-changing candidates before competing companies can secure their services. 

video game recruiters

 Video Game Recruiters for Job Seekers

 A video game recruiter provides exclusive access to jobs not published elsewhere. This not only means candidates will have access to more job opportunities, but it also results in candidates not having to compete with throngs of applicants that so often occurs when they respond to open job postings. This helps eliminate much of the uncertainty that so often makes job-hunting intimidating and discouraging.

 Job hunting can be arduous and time consuming. Candidates usually don’t have a recruiter’s network of contacts and industry relationships. As a result, candidates may not always be aware of jobs a studio has available. Also, recruiters take the time to get to know each candidate personally to understand their professional aspirations, what they want out of a job, and how they see their career unfolding. Making this effort helps the recruiter best match the candidate with the position where they will be the happiest. This results in better long-term employment relationships that lead to position longevity, promotions, and salary enhancements. 

 Recruiters provide consultative career guidance that helps candidates weigh all the pros and cons of a specific position and career path. This better equips the job seeker with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Recruiters are well informed about the employer to help candidates prepare for the interview. Recruiters may also help with salary negotiation, taking the burden of haggling for dollars off of the candidate. Traditionally, recruiters do not charge the jobs seeker fees for any of these services as the studios pay the recruiter’s costs. 

video game recruiters

 The Importance of Video Game Recruiters

 There are numerous rewards for job seekers and employers who use a video game recruiting firm. Those unfamiliar with the gaming sector often have misconceptions about the workings of the industry, what positions are available and how to go about connecting with prospective employers. Recruiters act as a liaison between the job seeker and gaming studio and offer a viable pool of hundreds of candidates looking for work in various positions in the gaming industry. To send qualified and well-vetted prospects, recruiters need to intimately understand their business sector. Recruitment agencies add value to studios by having this knowledge and experience to find suitable candidates quickly. 

 The recruiter’s sole purpose is to match skilled prospects so that it will be a good fit for both parties. Using a reputable recruiting firm allows the studio to concentrate on building games and not spend time and resources on candidate searches that too often turn out to be fruitless. The longer it takes for a studio to find the right person for a position, the more expensive it is to the business. The longer it takes a job seeker to find work, the more costly it is to their lifestyle and possibly even their future. Because of their pool of vetted candidates and large network of industry contacts, recruiters can bring the right candidate to the right studio very quickly, often in a matter of days.

video game recruiters

 Video Game Recruiter FAQs

 How much does it cost to use a recruiter?

 There is no cost to the job seeker to use a video game recruiter as the studio pays the recruiters fees for the service. Job seekers benefit from the recruiters’ insight, experience and network of contacts to provide access to exclusive opportunities that are not published elsewhere, all free of charge. 


 How many years of previous gaming industry experience do I need to get value from a recruiter?

 The candidates who will benefit the most for using a recruiter’s services have at least two to three years of professional experience in the gaming industry. However, prospects with less experience should still submit their resume as junior-level positions are sometimes available. 


 What are some of the benefits I receive from a recruiter assisting me in my job search?

 Working with a recruiter provides several benefits to job seekers that include: 

  • Access to unpublished job opportunities not available on the open market.
  • Career consultation.
  • Having a team of recruiting professionals looking out for your best interests will make your job search easier and more productive. 
  • Interview preparation and scheduling assistance.
  • Professional insight into each job opportunity and how the position and company align with your professional goals. 
  • Assistance with salary negotiation.


 Will I have a competitive advantage using a video game recruiter?

 Whether you are a video game studio or a job seeker, gaining a competitive advantage over the competition is the entire purpose of using a recruiter. Studios get access to the recruiter’s database of well-vetted candidates, and job seekers have access to opportunities not available to people outside the agency.