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With the emergence of web 3.0 and the metaverse, the gaming sector has exploded, and highly skilled developers capable of working with the new technology are finding themselves increasingly in demand. The pool of candidates who can fulfill the increased need is not growing fast enough to keep up with demand. As a result, game studios often need help from expert recruiting firms such as DAM. While this has created a challenge for gaming studios, highly skilled candidates looking for video game programming jobs are finding themselves sitting pretty in regard to landing their ideal position at an attractive salary. Even with the threat of a looming recession that may cause many sectors to scale back their hiring practices, the tech sector will, for the most part, be relatively unaffected, and highly qualified candidates will be able to find jobs high-paying jobs.

Most of the in-demand software engineer jobs require developers to be fluent in multiple programming languages. While there are much newer and more flashy programming languages, C++ is still the go-to workhorse for many applications. C++ is an expansion of the standard C programming language that has a wide range of practical uses. These include everything from conception to implementation and the maintenance of gaming software. C++ has been around for 40 years and is still one of the most widely used languages for creating a variety of applications around the world. Because it is one of the few languages versatile enough for general-purpose programming and low-level memory handling and robust enough for newer gaming applications, C++ is the preferred language used for high-performance software.

What is C++?
C++ was initially developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1983 as an enhancement to the C programming language, initially called “C with Classes.” C++ has become the necessary foundation for every developer’s skill set. It provides the high-demand coding capability needed for mobile app development and can create native modules and applications for Android devices. Applications include, but are not limited to, various operating systems, virtual machines, processors, and driver applications. Because it is so incredibly dynamic and widely used, developers with a strong command of C++ are qualified to work on a wide array of projects for a wide range of companies. Video game recruiting companies are reporting many big-name gaming companies, from Epic Games to Sony, are actively seeking qualified C++ developers to fill various junior- and senior-level developer positions.

programming jobs

C++ Game Developer Responsibilities
C++ game developers build, optimize and maintain software applications for desktop and mobile gaming applications. However, senior developers often assume leadership roles, working as part of a team that involves far more than simple coding. Senior developers responsibilities can include determining system requirements and overseeing the design implementation, development and deployment processes. C++ developers may also be involved in project management and documentation tasks, depending on their level of capability. Key C++ developer tasks typically include:

  • Conceptualization and implementation of software solutions.
  • Writing, editing, and analyzing algorithms.
  • Maintenance of C++ code functionality and quality.
  • Application development, organization, automation, and documentation.
  • Employ performance and quality components to identify bugs and formulate solutions.

Required C++ Skills
In addition to being fluent in C++, developers must have solid self-management and motivational skills to stay vigilant of any changes to code structure. Developers must be object-oriented to understand how an application’s development method contributes to a system’s decomposition based on that object’s construct. C++ developers must have at least a rudimentary understanding of relational and document databases in order to keep both up to date. Nothing is as dangerous for developers as being complacent, so they must be willing to learn and quickly troubleshoot problems and develop efficient solutions continuously.

programming jobs

Key C++ developer skills include:

  • Familiarity with the latest C++ standards.
  • Ability to create templates in C++.
  • Programming skills in C++-compatible languages like Java, Python, Go, and Node.js.
  • A solid grasp of embedded systems design.
  • Knowledge of standard libraries and related systems.
  • A willingness to undertake further education and training.
  • Strong self-management ability.
  • Knowledge of database creation and maintenance.
  • Familiarity with alternate operating systems, such as Linux.
  • Experience with SQL, NoSQL, JavaScript, and XML.
  • Understanding of agile software.

C++ developers typically have some training certification. While a college degree is an advantage, it is not as important as having a solid skill set and real-world experience. Specializations and further education can include a C Programming Language Certified Associate Certification, or CLA, and a C Certified Professional Programmer Certification, or CLP.

Career Opportunities
Because it is considered a foundational programming language used for such a large number of applications throughout the world, C++ is one of the essential languages for anyone interested in a career in developing gaming applications. A number of career opportunities for C++ game developers, software engineers, analysts, and back-end developers are currently in demand. The need is only expected to grow in the coming years. C++ is a versatile language, so it remains in high demand among professionals due to its versatility, speed, and computation capability. C++ is efficient and fast, with compile and execution times greater than most other programming languages, and supports various programming methods such as functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming. C++ is well suited for large gaming projects that may include cloud systems, database management, game development, graphic designs, and three-dimensional VR and AR projects. This creates a staggering number of programming jobs for developers with a solid C++ skill set.

According to the 2022 TIOBE index, C++ holds the number four position as the world’s most-used programming language. Because of its popularity and versatility, there is no question that plenty of opportunities exist for C++ software and hardware engineer jobs. However, the problem is finding qualified candidates to fill those positions. C++ developer roles continue to be some of the best-paying jobs in the gaming industry, and salaries are typically 60 percent above the average of other gaming positions. However, just having an abundance of openings in a field does not guarantee any given applicant will be able to land the desired position.

programming jobs

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