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According to Glossy, more than 7.5 million developers use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. There’s no denying it is one of the leading software frameworks in the video game industry but is it now making its way to the fashion scene?

Video game companies are often a leader in technology. As the engineers, designers, and programmers adapt and enhance their gaming technology, it can become a foundation for various industries, from online shopping experiences to designing automobiles.


UE4 Jobs Aren’t Just for Game Developers Anymore 

Unreal Engine has paved the way for many fashion designers, who are now using the system to design, showcase, and enhance the fashion experience for potential clients. This allows a new sector of UE4 designers to design interactive experiences, virtual runways and custom wardrobes for both consumers and fashion industry professionals. 

In June 2021, designer Gary James McQueen released his first digital fashion show. He used Unreal Engine as the primary tool for designing and creating the experience. And we have to say; the result was breathtaking: 

Gary is the perfect example of how designers are utilizing the Unreal Engine and how it’s impacting the future of designers everywhere, not just in video game jobs. 


UE4, NFT’s, and The Advance of Technology 

Season 0 is another excellent example of how a creative studio outside of the games industry saw the opportunity to use UE4 to its advantage. The clothing company debuted its latest line as a collection of digital garments for use in the metaverse. Users will also be allowed to create virtual couture and sell them through NFTs. 

If you are unfamiliar with NFTs, the acronym stands for Non-Fungible Tokens and is the newest coinbase to take the internet by storm. It allows someone to create a one-of-a-kind asset in the digital world and sell the rights to the original design by using these non-fungible tokens. It is primarily growing in the arts, design, and photography community as its products are already part of the digital world. 

As NFTs and the virtual space continue to grow, so will the demand for UE4 talent worldwide.  This year alone, Andreesssen Horowitz launched a crypto fund that raised $2.2 billion.

video game recruiters

What Does This Mean for UE4 Recruiting for Video Games?

Suppose you’ve read our latest article on The Most Sought After Gaming Jobs for 2022. In that case, it’s clear that technical and creative UE4 jobs will continue to rise in demand as the technology spreads and more design realms adopt the technology. That is excellent news if you are a game designer with UE4 experience. It also means video game companies will only continue to hire, expand, and grow their design teams as well. Even with the expansion outside to other industries, UE4 started in the video game world, and that’s where its heart will always stay. 


Video Game Recruiters | DAM 

As video game recruiters who have been in the industry for over 20 years, DAM is familiar with how gaming technology evolves and impacts the rest of the world. There’s no doubt technology will continue to advance as virtual worlds and the metaverse become more prominent facets of everyday life. While DAM’s focus remains squarely in games development and publishing, we also support creative and technology developers that are “games-adjacent” using game technology.  This allows DAM to provide access and insight to its candidates looking to leverage their games industry experience in other creative sectors as well as the games industry.

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