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We’re well into Q4 of 2021, which means 2022 is right around the corner. As we inch closer to the new year, it’s time to take a look at what video game job titles will be sought-after in the next 12 months. 

  1. Software Engineers

Engineering is a massive umbrella that encompasses a lot of unique roles, many of which are among the positions in the highest demand. The demand for qualified engineers will continue to climb in 2022 for the video game industry, we can break it down further into additional segments: 

  1. Tools Programmers
  2. Backend Engineers
  3. Graphics Rendering Engineers
  4. Multiplayer Networking Engineers 
  5. UE4 Generalists
  6. Unity Generalists
  7. Gameplay Programmers 

Those with UE4 and C++ experience will be even more in-demand for engineering roles for video game recruiting. If you want to get ahead of the job push in 2022, you can contact our top recruiting firm for gamers. Even if there isn’t a job that exactly matches your current experience, we’ll work with you throughout the coming months to help land a video game engineering position in your expertise as soon as it becomes available. You can submit a resume here

video game recruiting

  1. Game Designers

It’s no secret that video games are only advancing, growing, and adapting to new technology. Because of this, game designers are always some of the top jobs for video game recruiters. New video games are constantly being developed by both veteran and rookie video game developers, and the need for designers will continue to grow well into 2022. 


  1. Character Artists

Similar to game designers, character artists are just as important to the development of new video games. As we look back in time, it’s easy to see how video game graphics have evolved and why the demand for character artist jobs isn’t expected to slow down. 

Demand is growing for Artists working in both 2D and 3D and the job type depends on the developer and the game. In addition to character artists, the demand for lead character artists and art directors is also expected to grow in 2022. 

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  1. Environment Artists 

Environmental artist jobs are high in demand because of their niche and specialized background needed to qualify for many other jobs in the industry. With this, many clients working with us as video game recruiters are looking for environmental artists with experience in 3D applications, lighting, and architecture. Art history is also a bonus for many applying to positions in this field.


  1. Producers 

Video game producers oversee the entire development cycle, so hiring the correct person for the position holds a tremendous amount of responsibility. Those looking for onsite and remote video game jobs as a producer should be prepared for a competitive field with hiring managers looking for many niche qualities in their ideal candidates. 

Producer roles tend to be more analytical and logistical than many other video game jobs, which is partly what makes them unique in the industry.


  1. Product Managers 

To round out the list of most sought-after jobs in video game recruiting in 2022, we have another analytical position of product managers. These high-level positions are in so much demand because every video game developer needs talented and skilled product managers to manage, analyze and provide key insight in the game’s evolution and progression.

Why exactly are product manager jobs so in-demand? Like many jobs on this list, it boils down to finding the right candidate. Even if job seekers have worked as a product manager in past roles, they do not always qualify for specific positions in the industry. 

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Video Game Recruiters | DAM 

DAM is currently supporting the recruiting for over 50 onsite and remote video game studios throughout the United States. However, as mentioned in the article above, we strongly encourage job seekers to submit their resumes even if there are no job descriptions that match their niche in the gaming industry. We keep all resumes for job seekers, which has allowed us to consistently deliver the best quality candidates to our clients for over 20 years. 

However, if you are looking specifically for software engineer jobs, character artist jobs, ue4 jobs, game designer jobs, or any other position on this list, expect the demand for your role to continue to increase as we ease into the new year.  And with DAM’s access and insight into these opportunities and the studios offering them, you’ll be well-positioned and better prepared to make the right next move in your games industry career.

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