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Video game roles are one of the most competitive jobs in the United States. This means that when applying for video game jobs, it’s vital you refresh and review every aspect of your professional profiles, from LinkedIn to project portfolios. 

Just a couple of decades ago, the video game industry was still in its infancy with no real formal educational path to learn the ropes and remote video game jobs were all but nonexistent. Most game designers, engineers, and programmers had to learn their trade by figuring it out as they went along. While the demand for game programmers is growing, just having the skills may no longer be enough. Today landing a sought-after position with a prestigious gaming company takes experience, skill, education, and connections. 

 In today’s job market, an associate’s, bachelor’s, or even a master’s degree in video game development, game design or art is almost a requirement. However, while well-educated programmers are always in demand, even a degree from a respected school and real-world experience may not be enough. Job hunters will also need a polished online presence and a solid network of contacts to have the best chance of landing that dream position. 

 People you have met through work and school are a good starting point to building a professional network; however, social networking sites should not be overlooked simply due to the sheer number of people networking online. LinkedIn is one of the most professional, respected, and recommended online networking sites for achieving professional goals and video game recruiters agencies peruse the site looking for talent. However, some things must be considered to create a profile that will attract the right kind of attention. Here are some tips to spice up your Linkedin profile:

remote video game jobs

 1) Build Up Your Profile 

 Your LinkedIn home page is the place to showcase your skills, experience and education. Remember that every LinkedIn member across the globe can view your profile. While this is very good in terms of networking and getting noticed, it can be very bad if your profile is sloppy and incomplete. Be sure all the dates for past and current employment and education are correct. Be sure to add a clear and eye-catching background photo that corresponds to your industry and then a small professional personal photo. If you don’t want to post a photo of yourself online for privacy reasons, use a working avatar. One of the nice things about LinkedIn is the template is just about idiot-proof and it will tell you how complete your profile is and what you need to work on. Keep working on your profile until it is at least 90 percent complete. 

remote video game jobs

 2) Create Engaging Content

  • Post Regularly

 LinkedIn is an excellent site for posting articles on topics of interest to specific business sectors like video game recruiters. Article topics can include new market trends, new game or software updates, and general industry news. To create engaging content, write about topics you know and are passionate about. 

  • Trending Topics

 Even though “evergreen” topics, meaning those that don’t become outdated, are the best investment of your time, many of the most popular articles are on currently trending issues. These articles are most often promoted by the site’s editors on the LinkedIn Pulse channels and have the greatest potential for going viral. 

  • Fresh Ideas

 Sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas for articles, and publishing regular and well-written articles that will attract video game recruiters means having a reservoir of fresh ideas to choose from. Note that nothing is created in a vacuum, so always look for new topics to write about. Inspiration can, and often does, come from the most unlikely of sources and places. Download a note-taking app on your phone and write down any ideas that pop into your head when working, shopping, or watching TV. Write a headline on the idea and then a sentence or two to jog your memory. Then, when you get to sit down to write, start by creating an outline with subheadings. Once this is done, the article will practically write itself. 

  • Provide Insightful Information

 LinkedIn’s membership runs into the hundreds of millions, and within each niche, there are specific topics those readers are targeting. These typically include information and tools that will help them improve at their jobs and actionable advice on new career opportunities, such as how to find remote video game jobs. However, remember that you are not necessarily trying to attract other designers and engineers, but are building a page that will get the attention of video game recruiters and video game recruiting agencies. This is where employers will be looking for qualified video game designers, artists and engineer prospects.

  • Headlines are (Almost) Everything

 Your headline is what readers use to decide if your article will be worth spending their precious time reading. Some people swear by the” 50-percent rule” that says you should spend half of your time writing the article and half crafting a headline. However, even if you have the best headline ever written, people will stop reading if the article fails to deliver. Write the article first and then think about how to distill it down into just one sentence that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read the article. 

  • Rewrite Twice

 To paraphrase Ernest Hemmingway, the first draft of anything is garbage. Start writing an article by putting your thoughts down precisely as you think them. Then go back and organize everything in the outline you created. Rework the sentences so everything makes sense and one thought flows logically into the next. The second rewrite is when you polish your thoughts and tie up loose ends. Have a fresh set of eyes proofread your work before you post it. 

remote video game jobs

 3) Build Your Network & Engage 

 Once you have your profile set up, it is time to begin building a network. Search the LinkedIn database for others in your industry and send them an invitation to “connect.” Here it is recommended you add a short personal message to explain why you want to connect, especially if you are contacting someone who works for a video game recruiting agency. The message should be something to trigger a conversation about a mutual interest that you found in their profile. Remember, everyone on LinkedIn is there for the same reasons so if you take this approach; most people will accept your invitation. 

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