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Video game recruiters have had their hands full in helping studios find creative and experienced industry professionals.

Since the company’s founding in 2000, Digital Artist Management (DAM) has successfully furthered the careers of over 600 clients across North America. DAM has elevated the careers of engineers, game designers, artists/animators, executives and other roles with hundreds of well-established publishers and game studios, as well as fledgling “stealth-mode” startups that need to operate under a temporary state of secrecy. At any one time, DAM supports the recruiting efforts of dozens of studios with hundreds of job openings across the video-game spectrum. DAM works closely with both the studio and candidates to ensure the match will meet or exceed the needs of the hiring employer and the career aspirations of the candidate.

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video game recruiting company
video game recruiting company



PC/Console Games Recruiting FOR JOB SEEKERS

Gaming revenues continue to grow at a staggering pace, and this increase has brought about the need for more qualified software engineers, game designers, artists/animators, and other specialized game-creation positions. PC/console games have shown a gain in market share of a four-percent upswing in recent years compared to only a one-percent uptick in mobile gaming. Because of the expanded interest in the PC/console market, the video-game industry requires hiring more gaming professionals who can help address the increased market share demand.

Demand for game designers, software engineers, artists/animators, and other positions are expected to continue and increase for the foreseeable future. Recruiting for these critical roles will require finding candidates who possess the skills to address the technical competency, as well as, the cultural alignment. Video-game recruiters work to find suitable candidates whose abilities for growing the PC and console market are matched to studios developing games of all genres.

Due to the ever-increasing demand, video-game job seekers are strongly encouraged to submit their resumes even if they do not find any current job postings that match their career goals. Registering with a recruiter will prepare you for faster job placement as soon as an opportunity becomes available.

To have the best chance at landing a coveted position, job seekers should follow a three-step plan:

  • 1) Submit a resume and schedule an interview with a recruiter. At the interview, the recruiter will see that your career needs and expectations are aligned with their capabilities to find you a suitable position.
  • 2) Alway keep an updated resume and/or update portfolio (artists/animators, game designers)

  • 3) Carefully evaluate job opportunities for how each fits in with personal career goals.

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