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Applying for Onsite + Remote Video Game Jobs: Six Tips for Success in 2022

Embarking on a job search is nerve-wracking. Change is never easy, and interviewing can cause stress and anxiety in many applicants. The turbulent job market post-pandemic often causes an extra layer of unknown.

DAM is here to help build better teams that make better games. This includes supporting and guiding applicants through the hiring process for both onsite and remote video game jobs. Because when it comes down to it, we don’t want you to be stressed. We want our applicants to focus less on the stress of the job search and more on enjoying the new adventure they are embarking on. 

So when it comes to tips for success in video game recruiting, here are our top tips for those entering the video game job market. 


Top Tips From a Video Game Recruiting Company 


  1. Your Resume Matters video game recruiters

When it comes to submitting a resume for video game jobs, your resume matters. DAM recruiter Alex Caldwell gives her top tips for updating your resume before applying for video game jobs. 

  • Be as specific as possible: If you coded gameplay features, video game recruiting companies and hiring managers want to know what language you coded the features in. Any details you can include to paint a clearer picture for recruiters, add it to your resume. 
  • Focus on numbers: quantity matters on resumes. When saying you lead a team, how many people were on the team? How many app downloads did you receive on your game? How many servers did you work with? All of this helps video game recruiters understand if you’re a right fit for a video game job. 
  • Focus on results: beyond what you developed, video game recruiters want to know details like if you were promoted or if your game development came in on time or under budget. 


  1. Include Art Samples + Portfolios 

In the video game industry, art samples and portfolios are just as, if not more, important than resumes. Before an interview, it doesn’t hurt to ask the interviewer what kind of samples of work they would be interested in seeing so you can come prepared. If you are a programmer, showcase code samples that you have developed in the past on GitHub or other repositories. 

  1. Prepare Before Your Interview 

The job market is hot, especially in video game recruiting. That means there is a lot of competition when it comes to applying for jobs. Before your interview, sit down and prepare what you want to say, what questions you want to ask, and any portfolios or samples you want to show. Also, be sure to research the company you are interviewing with and what they are looking for in company culture. Having a solid understanding of who you are interviewing with can put you at a massive advantage compared to other candidates


  1. Ask Questions 

It is more important than ever to ask good, relevant questions during a job interview. This is especially true for remote video game jobs. In the online environment, it’s vital to understand how the company functions virtually and if you will be the right fit to join the team. 

Out-of-the-box questions that will catch an interviewer’s attention will put you ahead on the roster as well. Video game recruiters often hear the same questions over and over again. The question “what are the next steps in the interview process?” isn’t going to make you stand out. Here are some thought-provoking questions: 

“ I saw your game __________ was three months delayed in its release. What do wish had gone differently in its production?” 

“What are the most successful team members doing differently from the average team member?” (Huffpost)

“Do you have any concerns about my ability to perform the duties of the job?” 


  1. Energy Matters 

Even though most interviews are now conducted via Zoom, energy is just as important. Nothing will kill an interview faster than a dry and dull candidate. If you know the company you are hiring for has an upbeat and energetic team, bring that same energy to the interview. If you know they are more professional than other offices, dress the part and bring that same energy to the call.

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  1. Be Transparent 

Every company isn’t a perfect fit for you and you are not a perfect fit for every company. Be forthcoming with your recruiter if you realize you are not interested in moving forward with an opportunity midway through the interview process. Why make one of the most critical decisions of your life that affects your career, your family and your finances, without a knowledgeable industry advocate helping you identify, evaluate and secure the best opportunities for you? DAM is here to help.


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