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What do game studios look for when hiring?

Video gaming is not the cottage industry it once was. The sector has grown from a fledgling industry to a multi-billion dollar-a-year mainstream leviathan with over 2.5 billion gamers around the world. Young people are growing up with video games as their main source of entertainment. Professionals from traditional business sectors are changing careers

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The Future of Remote Work for the Games Industry

Game developers have always tried to push technology limits to create the perfect player experience. The finest of details are shown on screen because of the advancements in computing power allowing for millions of pixels instantaneously using GPU’s. 3D graphics and visual effects are becoming more realistic and making for a more immersive gaming

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How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has morphed from being a novelty in the 80s, with its funky consoles and clunky cartridges, into a $180 billion a year behemoth with almost three billion players globally. From its simplest 2D games, like “Pong” and “Pac Man,” the gaming sector has become an all-consuming industry that challenges the bounds

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10 Popular Questions Asked When Interviewing for a Remote Job

Working remotely offers many benefits over having to schlep into an office every day. However, working from home also offers some unique challenges. Overall, interviews for remote jobs are not all that different from in-person meetings, with the exception of the questions you can expect the interviewer to ask you. Employers are very aware

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Major PC/Console Games Pending Release in 2023

Every year, devoted gamers all over the world become excited for the anticipated release of new video games. Releases of new games, new chapters of beloved franchises, and remakes of classic games all add to the enthusiasm. Along with the excitement, some disappointments come as some long-awaited releases inevitably get delayed. Even though release

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Top Web3 Skills to Build Your Resume in 2023

The rapid evolution of the world wide web is creating new job opportunities at a breakneck pace, and Web3 applications are demanding a new breed of experts with specific skill sets. The demand for Web3 jobs has exploded in the past year, with hundreds of new positions posted daily. Web3 has garnered the attention of

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How to Get Hired By a Video Game Company in 2022

As the video game industry’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds, new employment opportunities often exceed the supply of qualified game development talent. However, breaking into the video game market without some industry experience can be difficult for job seekers. Challenges will vary considerably depending on the chosen path, and each discipline

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Video Game Job Alert: Principal Product Manager

Now Hiring: Principal Product Manager DAM video game recruiters are searching for a Principal Product Manager that can either work remotely or in the Bay Area of California.  Location San Francisco Bay Area, CA or Remote Job Type Permanent, Full-Time Employment Base Salary + Bonuses + Benefits Project(s) AAA F2P Mobile Games (iOS,

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Video Game Job Alert: Senior Environment Artist

Senior Environment Artist | Now Recruiting  DAM is seeking Senior Environment artists who have experience working remotely.  Location 100% Remote Job Type Permanent, Full-Time Employment (US Candidates Only) Base Salary + Bonus + Benefits + Equity Project D&D Immersive Sim (PC/Console – UE4) Additional DAM Insight Opportunity to work with and learn from 2

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Video Game Job Alert: Lead Technical Artist

Lead Technical Artist | Now Recruiting  DAM is seeking Lead Technical Artists who have experience working remotely.  Location 100% Remote Job Type Permanent, Full-Time Employment Base + Benefits + Bonus Additional DAM Insight 100% hands-on role for a Lead Technical Artist overseeing tools and pipeline development The opportunity to work on a new game,

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