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DAM is seeking Lead Systems Designer who has experience working remotely. 


  • 100% Full-Time Remote

Job Type

  • Permanent, Full-Time
  • Base + Equity + Benefits + Crypto Incentives
  • Flexible Working Hours, Unlimited PTO

Additional DAM Insight

  • Company Size = 250 and actively growing development teams on 4+ different games
  • They are one of the pioneers in the burgeoning Web3 game development space
  • Highly collaborative team environment and a company culture that empowers the discipline leads to cultivate a No Red Tape/No BS culture
  • The studio is fully-funded and profitable with a decentralized business model that includes games, NFTs and blockchain technology
  • Executive team is comprised of both games industry and blockchain innovators with incredible industry track records
  • They’re actively growing 4 different game development teams and studio is offering tons of short- and long-term growth potential, both professionally and financially
  • Over 2 dozen external developers are actively development for their platform including some of the biggest names in games
  • Although there’s no guarantees this year, last year our Client gave every employee in the company a $100k holiday bonus
  • Project = Highly Ambitious Medieval Fantasy MMORPG


As a Lead Systems Designer you will be the fuel that drives team efficiency and design quality. You’ll guide a team of dedicated game designers to develop the features that make up the specific systems you’re responsible for. With a player-oriented and future-focused mindset, you help your designers adjust and balance their features, bringing them from concept to playability. You channel the talents of your team members, motivating them to meet their full potential and inspiring them to do their best work.  Thanks to your expertise, leadership skills, and ability to make informed choices, not only can your own team look to you for information and direction, but so can others. You’re a go-to person for advice and a valuable resource for our studio.


  • Working closely with the game director to understand the overall game design vision
  • Designing systems that support the creative and game directions (e.g. player engagement, AI behaviors, combat modes, online playability, etc.)
  • Meeting with the design team to discuss progress, tackle setbacks, provide feedback, set benchmarks, etc.
  • Adapting to technical and production constraints, reworking designs when and as often as needed
  • Collaborating with designers, programmers, and artists to ensure consistency across the board
  • Participating in finding solutions to fix buggy features and optimize systems
  • Following up on features post-launch to improve, add, or remove components
  • Staying up to date on best practices to keep up with the industry & develop your skills and refresh your knowledge

Essential Skills and Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of experience in game design or related experience
  • Experience with game engines (e.g. Unity or Unreal), productivity software (word processors, spreadsheets, etc.), and ranking systems (e.g. TrueSkill)
  • A highly innovative, empathetic, and collaborative spirit
  • Exceptional mentorship, communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills
  • Critical thinking, curiosity, resourcefulness, and plenty of flexibility
  • Ability to sift through data and come to meaningful conclusions
  • Familiarity with online gaming communities and live streaming platforms (e.g. Twitch)
  • A solid understanding of the market and a (fiery) passion for video games

Nice-to-have Skills and Qualifications

  • Live/online gaming development experience
  • Experience/Interest working with Blockchain, NFT, and/or Cryptocurrency technologies
  • Love of games and desire to work for a company that builds games
  • Comfort with working remotely on a full-time basis
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