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Metaverse Developers | Salaries, Job Outlook and More

With the worldwide web transitioning to Web 3.0, tech companies are expanding their scope and reach to take advantage of the groundbreaking technology, resulting in many new video game jobs. Facebook announced that it would create 10,000 new high-skilled jobs when it changed its name to Meta in October of 2021, and Facebook isn’t

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Video Game Job Alert: Lead Systems Designer

Lead Systems Designer | Now Recruiting  DAM is seeking Lead Systems Designer who has experience working remotely.  Location 100% Full-Time Remote Job Type Permanent, Full-Time Base + Equity + Benefits + Crypto Incentives Flexible Working Hours, Unlimited PTO Additional DAM Insight Company Size = 250 and actively growing development teams on 4+ different games

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Video Game Job Alert: Senior UI/UX Designer

Senior UI/UX Designer | Now Recruiting  DAM is seeking Senior UI/UX Designers who have experience working remotely and can work in American time zones.  Location 100% Remote – North American time zones Job Type Permanent, Full-time Employment Base + Benefits + Equity Additional DAM Insight Ground floor opportunity with a large, exercisable equity upside

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Video Game Job Alert: Senior Unity Engineer

Senior Unity Engineer | Now Recruiting  DAM is seeking Senior Unity Engineers who are willing to work onsite in southern California.  Location Your Choice: 100% Remote or work onsite in Southern California after the pandemic Job Type Permanent, Full-Time Employment Annual Base Salary + Stock Options + 401k w/match + 100% paid health benefits

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3D Animator: Talent Resource Guide

Job Title   3D Animator    Job Overview   A 3D Animator brings characters and environments to life for movies, television, and video games.    Responsibilities may include:  Working with team of animators to maintain the visual direction for movement in the game Animating assets for use in game Developing and animating in-game cinematic scenes with strong

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Character Artist: Talent Resource Guide

Job Title   Character Artist: Talent Resource Guide     Job Overview   Being a Character Artist covers a wide range of skill sets that include creating both 2D and 3D characters for films and video games. Typical character artist jobs in games require skills in modeling, sculpting, texturing, and lighting. However, specialist positions focus on just one

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