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DAM is seeking Senior Environment artists who have experience working remotely. 


  • 100% Remote

Job Type

  • Permanent, Full-Time Employment (US Candidates Only)
  • Base Salary + Bonus + Benefits + Equity


  • D&D Immersive Sim (PC/Console – UE4)

Additional DAM Insight

  • Opportunity to work with and learn from 2 games industry luminaries that perfected the Immersive Sim genre
  • Guaranteed to ship an innovative and groundbreaking immersive title on next gen-platforms built with UE4 in the D&D Universe
  • Studio Size = 40 with two active development teams on different games
  • They have a generous PTO policy and foster a non-crunch culture
  • Highly ambitious titles with “career-maker” potential

Job Summary

Our Client is looking for a Senior Environment Artist to help make an amazing, stylized environment in the D&D universe. The ideal candidate will spend their time modeling/texturing stylized 3D environment assets, collaborating with level designers, level construction and set dressing, and assisting with optimization efforts.



  • Set dressing and world-building in Unreal Engine
  • Work with art leadership to ensure a cohesive aesthetic vision
  • Collaborate with engineering and design departments to create fun and performant levels
  • Provide art and technical direction to outsource partners
  • Mentoring junior artists



  • 5+ years producing high-quality 3D environment game art
  • High level of proficiency in contemporary game dev software (Photoshop, Max, Maya, ZBrush, Substance)
  • Solid understanding of modularity, scale, trim sheets, and level building
  • Experience with Unreal Engine
  • Worked on at least one shipping game from start to finish, for PC or consoles
  • Able to communicate and collaborate with designers, engineers, and other artists
  • Self-motivated, proactive, and able to work with minimal supervision in a remote environment
  • A passion for developing and playing games
  • Positive attitude and a genuine team player



    • Education: BS degree in digital art for games, or equivalent experience
    • Strong foundation in traditional art
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