Senior Online Multiplayer Engineer | Now Recruiting 

DAM is seeking Senior Online Multiplayer Engineers who have experience working remotely. 


  • Remote

Job Type

  • Permanent, Remote Full-Time Employment
  • Best in class benefits & work flexibility

Additional DAM Insight

  • AAA Original Game Development and Co-Development
  • Ideal for someone that’s versatile and likes working with new and different technologies
  • Ideal for some that likes variety with game projects spanning PC, Console, AR/VR and Web3
  • Studio Size = Approaching 200
  • Equity upside

Job Summary

  • As a Senior Online Multiplayer Engineer, you will participate on a team of mid-level engineers, under the supervision of the lead engineer
  • Full-time, 100% remote
  • Participate in hands-on software engineering work, and peer review
  • Facilitate communication between clients, internal teams/management, and other individual contributors
  • Reports to: Head of Technology


  • Architect and implement scalable game systems and components
  • Design, develop and maintain solutions to synchronize gameplay between multiple clients
  • Work with architects to implement design recommendations and solutions for existing architecture to improve performance, security and reliability
  • Develop, test, debug, profile, analyze, and optimize on applicable platforms
  • Work with the primary interface between Client partners and our Partners
  • Influence strategy and overall direction for an online environment through your contributions
  • Collaborate in peer education and self-study

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 5+ years of online multiplayer development experience
  • 1+ shipped AAA FPS MP title with UE4
  • Unreal 4 development experience and Unreal’s replication model
  • Strong C/C++ skills are a must
  • Experience working with online game platforms
  • Familiar with a cross platform code base
  • Experience building and solving for NAT traversal solutions including UDP hole-punching and TURN
  • Experience with peer-to-peer and client/server multiplayer
  • Conversant in PC and Console game development techniques and best practices
  • Great with lateral thinking and motivation to work independently and on a team as well as the ability to work directly with teams across multiple territories and time zones
  • Ability to create and maintain technical documentation from the beginning of a project through completion
  • Dedication, teamwork and professionalism
  • The ability to handle high pressure situations, with composure and diplomacy

Desired Qualifications

  • Great interpersonal skills.
  • Shipped one or more AAA console or PC title(s)
  • Experience using Unreal’s Gameplay Ability System, especially in an online multiplayer game.
  • Experience with cross-platform online gaming
  • Working on implementing an online gaming infrastructure is a plus
  • Knowledge of, or experience with game development systems is advantageous
  • Systems and Network Engineering a plus
  • Familiarity with current and next console SDKs, Steam, Epic Game Store, and Nintendo Switch
  • Familiarity with common game industry tools & middleware
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