Job Title 

 Video Game Producer


 Job Overview 

 Video game producers deal primarily with the logistics of video game production by coordinating all the activities related to creating video game content for their company. Producers oversee the entire development cycle and ensure all departments stay on schedule, help facilitate workflow and communicate information regarding video game development. Essentially, they are responsible for ensuring all parts of the video game development process go smoothly. 

 A video game producer’s primary responsibilities include: 

  • Participating in business meetings and straggly sessions. 
  • Suggest changes to game content based on their observations, research and market feedback. 
  • Balance opportunities with risks to increase game profitability.
  • Provide support for daily activities and new initiatives.
  • Oversee marketing- and product-content programs. 
  • Responsible for making sure legal regulations are followed.

 Skills and Knowledge:

  • Have excellent multitasking and organizational skills.
  • Communication leadership skills and be able to motivate colleagues to meet deadlines. 
  • Ability to work independently and in a team setting.
  • Able to stay on schedule and meet deadlines.

 Must Haves:

  • High school or GED.
  • Post-secondary education in business administration or related field. 
  • Education and training in game design, development, and production. 
  • Experience in video-game testing, designing and marketing.
  • Be well-versed with applicable laws.


  • Bachelor’s degree and experience in a relevant field.
  • Education or experience in animation, music and/or scriptwriting.
  • Experience as an associate producer.
  • Internship at a developer and software firm.


 Job Trends

 As the video game industry is growing by leaps and bounds, the job outlook for highly qualified video game producers is excellent in virtually all job markets. Video game recruiters report there are good opportunities in remote gaming jobs for video game producers in many of the larger markets, such as California, Washington, Texas, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Recent job trends show video game producer roles are broken down into three main categories: 

  • Internal video game producers work with a developer. 
  • External or “executive” producers work for game publishers managing multiple projects with several different groups of developers. 
  • Line producers work on cost- and project management with their primary duties is keeping the project on time and budget. 


 Interview Tips 

 While the demand for video game producers is strong, you should always expect competition for any opening. Here are some essential tips from some of the top video game recruiters: 

 1) Be Early

 Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for your interview. This will allow you to unwind, freshen up and demonstrate you are punctual. 

 2) Don’t Overdress

 While the job of video game producer is a lead role, you do not want to overdress as this just shows you are not as aligned with the industry as you should be given the position you are applying for. Think business casual, but no tie!

 3) Research the Company

 As a video game producer, you must be familiar with your potential employer’s work. Take the time to perform some thorough research on the company to learn as much as possible about their overall vision and focus.

 4) Know the Company’s Games

 Video game recruiting agencies say that to stand out from the other applicants, you must demonstrate a passion for the work and types of games the company creates. 

 5) Study Common Interview Questions

 Expect the interviewer to ask questions that will require some thought to answer appropriately. Examples questions include:

  • What motivates you as a video game producer?
  • What steps do you take to ensure your team stays on schedule?
  • Tell us about your most unsuccessful leadership experience.

 Work to strike a balance between being too honest and sounding dishonest when answering questions. 

 6) Advocate for Yourself

 The company’s purpose for the interview is to see if the applicant possesses the qualifications needed to fill the position. When answering questions, don’t talk in vague terms about what your team did on a project, but explain what your contributions were to the success of the last project. Always try to connect with the interviewer when answering questions.

 7) Follow Up

 Sending a thank-you email within 24 hours after the interview is a simple thing that most applicants do not make an effort to do. A follow-up email not only shows the interviewer you are grateful for their time, but it will also set you apart from other applicants. 


 Salary Ranges 

 As of 2021, video game recruiters agencies report that over 61 percent of lead producers hold a bachelor’s degree and over six percent hold a master’s degree. Qualified video game producers earn a median salary of $138,000 per year. A salary breakdown for each type of video game producer position in the United States as of January 2022 is as follows: 

  • Entry-level video game producers with less than one year of experience earn an average of $70,000 per year. 
  • Video game producers with one to four years of experience earn an average of $90,000 annually.
  • Lead producers typically earn between $120,000 and $156,000 annually. 
  • Experienced video game producers with over 10 years of experience earn an average of $196,500 per year. 


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