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3D Animator: Talent Resource Guide

Job Title   3D Animator    Job Overview   A 3D Animator brings characters and environments to life for movies, television, and video games.    Responsibilities may include:  Working with team of animators to maintain the visual direction for movement in the game Animating assets for use in game Developing and animating in-game cinematic scenes with strong

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UE4 Generalist Engineer: Talent Resource Guide

Job Title   UE4 Generalist\Engineer: Talent Resource Guide     Job Overview   Video game recruiting companies report that the UE4 generalist engineer is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand positions in today's gaming industry. UE4 Generalists are proficient in Unreal Engine coding in various development areas, including AI, gameplay, UI, and multiplayer networking. While duties and

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Character Artist: Talent Resource Guide

Job Title   Character Artist: Talent Resource Guide     Job Overview   Being a Character Artist covers a wide range of skill sets that include creating both 2D and 3D characters for films and video games. Typical character artist jobs in games require skills in modeling, sculpting, texturing, and lighting. However, specialist positions focus on just one

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AI Programmer: Talent Resource Guide

AI Programmer: Talent Resource Guide Job Title   AI Programmer    Job Overview   AI, or "artificial intelligence" programmers, have a crucial role in gameplay programming by coding NPC behaviors and interactions and giving the gameplay the proper look and feel for the gamer. AI Programming is a highly specialized area of game development that enhances the

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