UE4 vs. UE5: Key Differences and Advancements

Unreal Engine 5 has taken the gaming community by storm due to several significant upgrades from UE4 that caused game makers and game engineers seeking new video game jobs to take immediate notice. Gaming companies and recruiting agencies focusing on UE4 recruiting began shifting their impetus to Unreal Engine’s fifth edition as soon as

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Employee Retention in the Games Industry

The New Rules: Employee Retention in the Games Industry, 2017 By Courtney Carlson | April 6, 2017 While some studios can afford to offer candidates attractive benefits, a prime office location or exciting projects to work on, none of these things guarantee employee retention. Employees who feel under-utilized, valued, or bored will eventually drift to find

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Make the most of GDC (if you aren’t attending)

Make the most of GDC (if you aren’t attending) By Courtney Carlson | February 23, 2017 GDC is one of the games industry’s most exclusive events, and attendees pay top dollar to have access to influencers, talks, networking events, and meetups that come at a premium. Lucky for you, the digital age has made exclusive events

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