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How to Get Hired By a Video Game Company in 2022

As the video game industry’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds, new employment opportunities often exceed the supply of qualified game development talent. However, breaking into the video game market without some industry experience can be difficult for job seekers. Challenges will vary considerably depending on the chosen path, and each discipline

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Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0: What’s The Difference?

The world wide web has undergone multiple transformations throughout its history and its evolution continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. The first incarnation, Web 1.0, came online in the early 1990s and ran until approximately 2004. Web 1.0 was a pioneering age that was termed the "information superhighway" that was just a content delivery

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What Are Blockchain Based Games?

Blockchain-based games are referred to as play-to-earn games that use cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens that can be bought, sold, or traded with other players. These reward-based games are a byproduct of web3, the next incarnation of the world wide web, and will require an aggressive approach in web3 recruiting to find video game programmers

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