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Most In-Demand Video Game Jobs for 2023

The video game industry has seen significant growth over the last decade, with an estimated two billion gamers around the globe as of 2020. That number is expected to increase, with the industry’s total worth projected to reach $268 billion by 2025. Reasons for the growth include new games attracting new players, resulting in

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What is the Best Programming Language for Game Development?

With a current valuation of over $178 billion worldwide and growth predicted to reach over $260 billion by 2025, the video game industry is one of the most lucrative business sectors offering plenty of career options. With the skyrocketing growth, most big-tech giants like Google, Netflix, and Amazon are scrambling to claim their market

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Major PC/Console Games Pending Release in 2023

Every year, devoted gamers all over the world become excited for the anticipated release of new video games. Releases of new games, new chapters of beloved franchises, and remakes of classic games all add to the enthusiasm. Along with the excitement, some disappointments come as some long-awaited releases inevitably get delayed. Even though release

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Software Engineer vs. Game Developer

As the games industry is constantly evolving, there is often confusion over job titles and the respective roles and responsibilities of similar positions. Because of the similarities of certain jobs, some titles are used interchangeably, despite differences that do not readily permit the skills used in one position to transfer to the other. This is

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Top Web3 Skills to Build Your Resume in 2023

The rapid evolution of the world wide web is creating new job opportunities at a breakneck pace, and Web3 applications are demanding a new breed of experts with specific skill sets. The demand for Web3 jobs has exploded in the past year, with hundreds of new positions posted daily. Web3 has garnered the attention of

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