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Video Game Producers: Talent Resource Guide

Job Title   Video Game Producer    Job Overview   Video game producers deal primarily with the logistics of video game production by coordinating all the activities related to creating video game content for their company. Producers oversee the entire development cycle and ensure all departments stay on schedule, help facilitate workflow and communicate information regarding video

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Mobile Gaming in 2022: Job Outlook in the Industry

Due to the rapid pace video games are expanding at, the job outlook for the mobile gaming sector looks strong for 2022, and video game recruiting agencies are seeing increased demand in mobile games positions and remote video game jobs. Statistics reported by App Annie showed the mobile-gaming market broke numerous records in 2021, including

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How Will NFTs Impact The Future of Video Games?

NFTs started becoming a common term in the gaming vocabulary around the end of 2021 and are increasingly present across multiple industries in 2022.   An NFT, which is an acronym for a non-fungible token, is a certificate of ownership of a digital item made in limited quantity. NTFs can be attached to digital pictures or

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Tips to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile To Attract Video Game Recruiters

  Video game roles are one of the most competitive jobs in the United States. This means that when applying for video game jobs, it’s vital you refresh and review every aspect of your professional profiles, from LinkedIn to project portfolios.  Just a couple of decades ago, the video game industry was still in its

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How The Video Game Job Market is Adapting to Unreal Engine 5

Epic's Unreal Engine is a complete development tool suite that enables content creators across multiple industries the ability to deliver cutting-edge visual effects and immersive experiences with real-time technology. Games like "Mass Effect" have come to be loved by gamers worldwide because of the incredible effects provided by Unreal Engine. Now the UE5 real-time engine

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