Major PC/Console Games Pending Release in 2023

Every year, devoted gamers all over the world become excited for the anticipated release of new video games. Releases of new games, new chapters of beloved franchises, and remakes of classic games all add to the enthusiasm. Along with the excitement, some disappointments come as some long-awaited releases inevitably get delayed. Even though release

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Software Engineer vs. Game Developer

As the games industry is constantly evolving, there is often confusion over job titles and the respective roles and responsibilities of similar positions. Because of the similarities of certain jobs, some titles are used interchangeably, despite differences that do not readily permit the skills used in one position to transfer to the other. This is

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Top Web3 Skills to Build Your Resume in 2023

The rapid evolution of the world wide web is creating new job opportunities at a breakneck pace, and Web3 applications are demanding a new breed of experts with specific skill sets. The demand for Web3 jobs has exploded in the past year, with hundreds of new positions posted daily. Web3 has garnered the attention of

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UE4 vs. UE5: Key Differences and Advancements

Unreal Engine 5 has taken the gaming community by storm due to several significant upgrades from UE4 that caused game makers and game engineers seeking new video game jobs to take immediate notice. Gaming companies and recruiting agencies focusing on UE4 recruiting began shifting their impetus to Unreal Engine’s fifth edition as soon as

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The Biggest Console Games of 2022

Every video game lover knows the excitement of sitting down to play a hotly anticipated new video game. The new releases for 2022 include all the usual suspects that range from sports to fantasy. Whereas many of these are new chapters to long-running series, some games are new concepts, and video game recruiters report

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How to Get Hired By a Video Game Company in 2022

As the video game industry’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds, new employment opportunities often exceed the supply of qualified game development talent. However, breaking into the video game market without some industry experience can be difficult for job seekers. Challenges will vary considerably depending on the chosen path, and each discipline

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Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0: What’s The Difference?

The world wide web has undergone multiple transformations throughout its history and its evolution continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. The first incarnation, Web 1.0, came online in the early 1990s and ran until approximately 2004. Web 1.0 was a pioneering age that was termed the "information superhighway" that was just a content delivery

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What Are Blockchain Based Games?

Blockchain-based games are referred to as play-to-earn games that use cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens that can be bought, sold, or traded with other players. These reward-based games are a byproduct of web3, the next incarnation of the world wide web, and will require an aggressive approach in web3 recruiting to find video game programmers

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Top Web3 Jobs in 2022

Web3, also referred to as Web 3.0, is simply a term for the next iteration of the world-wide-web. Web3 aims to reduce dependency on big tech companies, like Amazon and Google, by decentralizing protocols. To better understand how Web3 will affect global markets, it is essential to understand its predecessors.  The first web version, Web

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10 Frequently Asked Questions for Video Game Recruiters 

10 Frequently Asked Questions for Video Game Recruiters  Using a video-game recruiter is somewhat of a mystery to many seeking employment in the video-game industry. To help shed light on the process, here are ten commonly asked questions of video-game recruiters:    What is a video-game recruiter?  Recruiters are professionals that work to fill vacant

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