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Tips For Interviewing For Video Game Jobs

Interviewing for a video game job is a unique experience from your typical job interviews. The games industry is highly competitive and candidates are measured by their technical or creative competencies.  When preparing to interview in the games industry, it is imperative that you’ve completed the following tasks before throwing your hat into the ring.

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AI Programmer: Talent Resource Guide

AI Programmer: Talent Resource Guide Job Title   AI Programmer    Job Overview   AI, or "artificial intelligence" programmers, have a crucial role in gameplay programming by coding NPC behaviors and interactions and giving the gameplay the proper look and feel for the gamer. AI Programming is a highly specialized area of game development that enhances the

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Gaming News: How Unreal Engine is Expanding Beyond the Video Game World

According to Glossy, more than 7.5 million developers use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. There’s no denying it is one of the leading software frameworks in the video game industry but is it now making its way to the fashion scene? Video game companies are often a leader in technology. As the engineers, designers, and programmers

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5×5 Game Job Update With Justin Stark: Episode 3 (November 2021)

  November 2021 Video Game Job Update  DAM’s General Manager Justin Stark dives into the 5 hottest game job opportunities across the 5 key product development disciplines in games, namely: 1. Software Engineer Jobs 2. Art & Animation Jobs 3. Game & Level Design Jobs 4. Producer Jobs 5. Product Management Jobs   DAM |Top

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Applying for Video Game Jobs: Six Tips for Success in 2022

Applying for Onsite + Remote Video Game Jobs: Six Tips for Success in 2022 Embarking on a job search is nerve-wracking. Change is never easy, and interviewing can cause stress and anxiety in many applicants. The turbulent job market post-pandemic often causes an extra layer of unknown. DAM is here to help build better teams

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Work After Covid: Are Remote Video Game Jobs the New Norm?

It's no surprise that recruiting trends show one of the most significant shifts in the modern workforce. The pandemic has impacted us all in different ways, but we are still learning about the long-term effects of COVID-19 and what it means for the future of video game recruiting. For the most part, the unknown surrounds

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How Recruiting Companies Save Clients Money and Add Value to Their Business

A recruiting company does more than hire talent. They create a bridge between clients and job seekers that allows companies to scale, retain employees, and save time and money in the hiring process. By partnering with clients, we become their advocates in the hiring process. This is beneficial for several reasons, including:    1. Value

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Monthly 5×5 Game Job Update with Justin Stark: Episode 2

August 2021 Video Game Job Update from DAM Agency DAM’s General Manager Justin Stark dives into the 5 hottest game job opportunities for video game recruiting across the 5 key product development disciplines in games, namely: 1. Software Engineering 2. Art & Animation 3. Game & Level Design 4. Production 5. Product Management The goal

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2021-2022 Recruiting Trends: What to Expect in The Gaming Industry

It’s safe to say the past fifteen months have reshaped workforces and had significant impacts on recruiting. As we ease back into the office after more than a year away, many business leaders are forced to decide between keeping employees remote or returning them to an onsite office. The unexpected shift has caused us to

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